Signal Hill has long been a communications point on the Southern California landscape. In an earlier era, Native Americans signaled their brethren with fire and smoke, from Santa Catalina Island to the foothills of the Coastal Range bordering what is now L.A.

Today the signals are electronic, connecting us--at the click of a mouse--to vast, new worldwide networks.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Community Art & Gift-Making for the Holidays

Finger Scarves, no knitting
required; yarn will be
available for purchase
or bring your own
The late musicologist Christopher Small (see earlier posts) spent most   of his 84 years trying to understand the meaning and significance of art.  In the process of writing three seminal books on the subject, he said, "All art is action--performance art, if you like--and its meaning lies not in created objects but in the acts of creating, displaying and perceiving."  Objects can be commodified and sold on a hungry and acquisitive market; but the more meaningful and personal processes of  art making cannot.

From the earliest cave drawings to the anarchy of today's street art, Small observes, "It is an activity--an urge-- in which human beings take part in order that they may come to understand their relationships--with one another and with the great pattern that connects."

The role of art, he explains, is to "Explore, affirm and celebrate the relationships of the living world that bring us together."

Nesting Orgami Boxes, for wrapping or as presents
Will use heavy scrap booking paper
This is made most clear during this approaching holiday season.  It is interesting that at least three of the world's major religions--Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism--celebrate sacred events in the approaching months, and their art during these times reflects a great communion amongst ourselves and with the mysterious.

You have the opportunity to add this kind of meaning to your gift-giving by crafting your personalized holiday gifts for your loved ones.  While your hand-crafted gift may lack great market value, it is priceless in personal and communal value.

Two community arts organizations in Signal Hill are
holding holiday gift making workshops:

---  On December 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the Greenly Art Space will be holding its "Handmade Christmas Gift Workshop," for all ages, at 2698 Junipero Ave, #113 in Signal Hill.  Click here for a flyer on the event, and for more information or to register call Kimberly Hocking 562-533-4020, or email her at  Click here to learn more about The Greenly Art Space.

---  On December 11, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. the Friends of Signal Hill Cultural Arts will host its "Winter Art Workshop," for children ages 4 to 15, at the Discovery Well Park.   For more information you may call 562-989-7330 or go online to the City of Signal Hill Website .

Happy Holiday Creating!

--- RCH

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