Signal Hill has long been a communications point on the Southern California landscape. In an earlier era, Native Americans signaled their brethren with fire and smoke, from Santa Catalina Island to the foothills of the Coastal Range bordering what is now L.A.

Today the signals are electronic, connecting us--at the click of a mouse--to vast, new worldwide networks.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short History of Signal Hill

Short history of Signal Hill tells us of our Native American and Spanish heritage. And then discovery of oil in the early 1920s changed everything. Here you see a photo of the Hill when it was called Porcupine Hill for the hundreds of derricks on the Hill. An intricate network of pipes connected the wells to oil collection sites, and eventually several small refineries.

Today, Signal Hill boasts high-end view residential properties, coexisting with wells that may produce for another 20 years.


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